PayPal Express guideline

Using PayPal Express.

1. To use this fast checkout system click on the button marked in red :

2. You'll be taken to Paypal page. Log-in and confirm the order.

3. You'll be taken back to our store. PayPal will send your address to us (note - it is important your address on PayPal site is correct!!!) . Thus the web cart will be able to calculate the shipping - choose the option that works for you and cick ok to finalize the order.
Done :) .

This feature should work best when you wish to make your order fast without the hassle of creating an account, entering your shipping details and so on.
Note that it has some limitations though. For example you won't be able to make custom orders (specify which bits inside the set you'd like to get if possible). Also without an account you wont be able to write comments, reviews etc.

PayPal Express guideline
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