Buildings, fences, hills - all the scenery stuff to decorate your game board.

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Barrels (10)
This set conatins 10 unpainted barrels cast in high quality grey resin. Designed to work with 28mm "..
6.99€ 5.95€
Confession Machine
Set contains 1 "Confession Machine" (single-piece model) suitable for all 28mm "heroic" games. Suppl..
8.99€ 7.65€
Crates (10)
Set conatins 10 crates (2 of each pictured). Designed to fit 28mm "heroic" scale models. Supplied un..
6.99€ 5.95€
Full color Industrial Terrain - set 1
This set contains a fully colored hdf terrain (no painting necessary) , industrial themed. Portable ..
72.35€ 61.50€
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Roadside Shrine
One Roadside Shrine suitable for all 28mm "heroic" games. Supplied unpaited.   ..
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