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  • Neoreich Troopers released
    Neoreich Troopers released Posted by on Sep 14, 2015.

    This week new squad hits the store - Neoreich Troopers. Those are the ones we've teased a while back on Twitter feed, when we've shown Chris's desk. The set .. more..

  • Power Gloves released
    Power Gloves released Posted by on Aug 31, 2015.

    Smash your opponents with an extra power while keeping your hands warm and comfy ;) . Those should work really well with the metahuman style armies. No m.. more..

  • KV2 finally here!
    KV2 finally here! Posted by on Aug 06, 2015.

    It was quite a while, but it has finally hit the store! Rumbling, smoking and super hot machine of destruction that almost made me lost my hair is available. I .. more..

  • Hoverbike and new backpacks added
    Hoverbike and new backpacks added Posted by on Jul 16, 2015.

    This time we've added something more modern, with noticeable "cyberpunkish" vibe - hoverbike. Those.. more..

  • Summer, summer...
    Summer, summer... Posted by on Aug 08, 2014.

    Summer is in full swing out here - super hot and lovely weather :) . But even though part of the team makes use of their holidays , the work in the workshop is .. more..

  • Zug the Magnificent released!
    Zug the Magnificent released! Posted by on Jun 06, 2014.

    One of the craziest Creative Fridays creations hits the store - Zug the Magnificent is here :) . Not only super cool sculpt by Konrad but also a fancy studio pa.. more..

  • Guns, guns, more guns...
    Guns, guns, more guns... Posted by on May 20, 2014.

    We've just added new set of guns to the store - displacement cannons. There are 2 different variants , packed into set of 6 . And for a complete off-topi.. more..

  • Sonic Weapons released
    Sonic Weapons released Posted by on May 12, 2014.

    This time we have something treading on a border of plain crazy :) - Sonic Guns. We've worked out 3 different designs - horn of destruction (aka trumpet gun), s.. more..

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