Design & 3D Printing

We offer 3d printing for demanding objects like miniatures, jewelry and small factor sculptures / props. Those require exceptional surface quality – and since 2010 we have constantly upgraded our equipment to get the best result possible.
The advances allowed us and our clients to turn even very complex creative ideas into stunning real world models.
Make sure you scaled the models correctly (please type desired size in the message ) – as size is the main factor affecting the price.
In case of additional questions contact us at 3dprinting (at) .


Currently we’ve switched completely to stereolithography equipment. Those machines offer the best combination of speed and quality. They print in resin , which is rigid after curing – thus perfect for molding purposes. Support structures are easily removed with clippers and require very little post processing.
You can choose between:

1. Envisiontec Perfactory Aureus
Perfect for final models as it offers the best detail and surface smoothness. Especially well suited for miniatures and jewelry. The models must fit within 60 x 45 x 80 mm .

2. Form2
With large build area it works great for vehicles, terrain and props. Also awesome for pre production models when you want to check whether scale is correct or when you need to check how the parts fit together.


Design and sculpting.
If you don't have a model , but have a cool idea you'd like to realize we can handle your project from start to finish. We're ready to sculpt and model both organic and hard surface items, no matter fantasy or sci-fi. We can prepare models for all kinds of manufacturing processes - resin casting, white metal, hard plastic (including undercuts removal and conversion to CAD-friendly formats).
Here are some of the companies we've worked with and projects we've been involved in:

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Design & 3D Printing
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