Posted by in on Aug 17, 2017 .

Some of you are probably familiar with Meg’s Girls – an all-female squad of highly skilled soldiers. Fearless, extremely dangerous, armed to the teeth and ready to kill. If you haven’t seen them yet then don’t waste your time! We assure that these minis are simply outstanding and you’re gonna love them at first sight.

Today we’ve decided to introduce you to one of the Meg’s soldiers. Meet Dorothy D. D. Danger – heavy weapon specialist, high explosives enthisiast and demolition virtuoso. Whenever there’s a need of a bigger BOOM, Dorothy is the one you should...

Posted by in on Aug 12, 2017 .

Our last flamer is perhaps the most unusual one. Dark, mysterious and aggressively looking, it's violent flame will purge your enemies within seconds, leaving only ashes and dust. Forged by ancient weaponsmiths, it's true origins are still unknown and the weapon's spirit is a mystery even for those who are brave enough to use it.

Posted by in on Aug 10, 2017 .

Our second flamethrower is out! Putrid flamer is a perfect choice for all the pox-ridden, smelly soldiers. Fueled by an unknown vicious toxin, this one is a true weapon of pestilence, all covered in rotten flesh, pus filled boils and repulsive vermin. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Bet you can already smell the foul stench all around you!

Created by Konrad Dobrzynski.
Stay tuned, the last flamer pattern is coming by the end of the week.

Posted by in on Aug 08, 2017 .

Purge the unclean!

Looks like we didn't put any infantry weapon in a while, so here's a little something for your foot soldiers - our brand new flamer. Designed to fit both regular infantry as well as a bit larger models (space / steam knights for example), this toy will burn your opponents in no time! And it comes in sets of six, so you can invite more enemies for a little barbecue party. Created by Konrad Dobrzynski.

Keep your eyes peeled though, we're going to put two more flamer patterns THIS WEEK, so every player will find an oversized lighter that matches his army....

Posted by in on Aug 04, 2017 .

Witness me!

There you have it folks – all shiny and chrome! Our new armoured car will help you survive on any post apocalyptic wasteland. Heavy armoured with all sort of metal scraps and plates, it’s body may occur crude and rough. But don’t let this fool you – this beast hides a powerful V6 engine that wreaks a true havoc on the road and is a definitive must have for any speed freak out there. Interceptor is also armed with a lethal LMG that will turn any hostile vehicle into a wrecked pile of junk (assuming that the gun operator won’t get shot first). A perfect blend of mobility and firepower. Now that’s what we...

Posted by in on Jul 20, 2017 .

Our offroad frenzy continues! This week we have a brand new miniature for all the speed enthusiasts - a heavy armoured motorbike, perfect for scouting, short distance raids and lightning strike attacks. This solid constructions comes with a twin-linked machine gun mounted on the handlebar, just in case things get rough. The model is designed to work with space knights as well as space knights scouting soldiers. So if you're looking for a fast attack choice for your army, this model is definitely worth a try!

Posted by in on Jun 27, 2017 .

This marks a new type of article on our web site – the one where we highlight some of our customer's projects we had a pleasure to work on.
First one is a goldie - have you ever wanted to immerse yourself and your friends in a game deeply rooted in a world of megacorporations, cybernetic implants, shady deals and rapid clashes?  „Human Interface – Nakamura Tower” would be an excellent choice. The game is brought by talented folks from Postindustrial Games.
HINT is a cyberpunk themed game that mixes elements taken from classic boardgames, miniature games and RPGs. The players progress through mission based campaign with unique...

Posted by in on Jun 21, 2017 .

Been a while since our last heavy weapon release, so we've decided to catch up a little bit. We bet none of you have seen this one coming! ;)

So here it is: our brand new twin-linked laser cannon. Equipped with an extremely hi-tech set of sensors and an extra battery support system, this gun can do some serious damage on the battlefield. Works good as a vehicle add-on, as well as a stand alone defense turret. Your space knights just CAN'T go to war without this little thing mounted on one of their tanks! 

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