Posted by in on Dec 19, 2017 .

Merry Christmas everyone!

As usual, we've decided to deliver something special for Christmas. Here's this year's miniature - Santa's Little Gobbo. Always busy and eager to help, this green bugger has got a huge gift for every one of You. There's only one little question: why is his package full of strange wires...and ticking? ;)



Grab your Gobbo before it's too late! He'll be only available until the 2nd of January 2018.

Posted by in on Dec 01, 2017 .

Halloween is long gone, but we've figured a way to prolong it a little bit ;)

We've had a couple of ideas on our Halloween special miniature this year and finally decided to go with the Orkenstein's Monster, BUT it just felt such a shame to just abandon all other ideas. After a quick debate in our workshop we've decided to release a set of these fellas (well, heads at least ;) )! 
Here's our take on the Monsters universe, left to right: WereOrc, LagoonOrc, Count Orcula, Orc Mummy and Orkentein's Monster.
Now you can turn your...

Posted by in on Nov 23, 2017 .

Oh YEAH! Black Friday 2017 is on! All items over at store got a hefty 20% discount. Groovy!

The discount will last till the end the weekend which should give enough time to catch on a deal :) .

Posted by in on Oct 31, 2017 .

Happy haunting everyone!

Same as last year, we've decided to come up with something special for Halloween - a miniature that you can put on your shelve as well as on the gaming table. Well, after throwing a couple of ideas and having a few brawls, we've came up with an idea!

Say hello to our Orkenstein's Monster! This dude is quite a bulky fella, with his very own life supporting power plant on the back. You might also notice, that he comes with a really stylish outfit (toe coming out through a shoe is a thing this year!) and an evil-grin pumpkin to...

Posted by in on Oct 20, 2017 .

Hi there!

Did you miss us? Well, we missed you too! That's why today we'll introduce you to our new firend.

Here's our brand new Sniper Rifle mk. II - a powerful weapon best used to attack distant enemies and small, lightly armoured targets. Deadly accurate at both short and long distances, this gun's powerful shots are fired with lethal precision and are usually undetectiblle to most enemy forces. All thanks to the red-dot laser scope and a hi-tech silencer. It's powerfull armour piercing rounds are capable of penetrating even the most advanced bulletproof vests, as well as all types of carbon and flak armours.

Posted by in on Sep 14, 2017 .

Meet Zaezool the Wastelander, toxic desert lone survivor. Scavenging through hazardous areas and polluted hive cities, this fella is just another average Joe in a post apocalyptic reality. Fighting for survival every single day, Zaezool is a swift and resourceful guy, his sight is enhanced by technically advanced mask that also filters hevaily contaminated fumes floating in the air.

He’s also equipped with leather gloves and jacket, and a strenghtened sack to carry all the necessary supplies.
Living in the future seems to be a rather rough experience…

This fine datailed...

Posted by in on Aug 31, 2017 .

Enough with all the shooting. When things go close and personal, it’s time to put your hands on something a bit more reliable than a pistol. It’s time to learn the discipline of steel!

These weapons come from an age undreamed of… forged in the darkness of chaos, shrouded with veil of mystery, each of these swords carries a dark secret within itself. Their blades are horrid and wretched, reflecting with a demonic gloss. Legends say that they were used to slay beasts and heroes alike. To posses one of these is to sentence your soul to eternal pain and damnation. The price is extremely high to pay, but only few can resist the...

Posted by in on Aug 28, 2017 .

First of all – worry not, Envisiontec is still our main machine we use for the most demanding tasks. But we often need to work on larger projects (vehicles and terrain for example) – and that's where 3d printer with bigger build volume and lower maintenance costs would come handy.
Our previous printer that falls into this category proved a bit unreliable – thus we've looked for alternative. In the end we've settled on Form2 – and I'm happy to report it was a good choice.
It's rock solid – no failed prints so far. It's also super easy to use – Formlabs really seems to thought this one out. Things like heated resin tray,...

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