Posted by in on Sep 15, 2015 .

If you wish to turbocharge your orc horde and allow them to reach their enemies quicker we have a new promo for you. Let your horde roam on the battlefield!

1. Badass Orc Biker - 16EUR 12.49EUR

2. Rocket Pig - 15EUR 11.99EUR

3. Orc Bikers Heads - 6.99EUR 5.49EUR

Posted by in on Sep 14, 2015 .

This week new squad hits the store - Neoreich Troopers. Those are the ones we've teased a while back on Twitter feed, when we've shown Chris's desk.

The set contains enough parts to assemble a full 10 man unit. Parts are interchangable so it's easy to build various combinations. Those are mostly cast in metal, with the exception of heads, which are cast in handy-dandy resin we're known for.

And here's a close up of the 2 models - just in case you'd like to make sure those are what you're looking for :) .

If you haven't noticed - again we have early adopters promo. So if you wish to save some cash grab those this week :) .

Posted by in on Aug 31, 2015 .

Smash your opponents with an extra power while keeping your hands warm and comfy ;) .

Those should work really well with the metahuman style armies. No matter you need it for a lefty or for right handed model we've got you covered.

On top of that we have an early adopters discount - for a limited time those are available for 5.49EUR (6.16USD) .

Posted by in on Aug 27, 2015 .

Let your hero command his armies with style - let his favourite cape furl in the wind marking him as a pure epic leader ;) . To ease things out Kacper worked out another promo:

1. Fur Cloaks- 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Capes - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR (work well as a regular uniform)

3. Drake Cloaks - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

Posted by in on Aug 12, 2015 .

To make your steampunk infantry creation a tad easier Kacper and Anne worked on a new promo:

1. Pith helmets - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Greatcoat Torsos - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR (work well as a regular uniform)

3. Steampunk infantry backpacks - - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

Posted by in on Aug 06, 2015 .

It was quite a while, but it has finally hit the store! Rumbling, smoking and super hot machine of destruction that almost made me lost my hair is available. I won't be humble this time ;) - all the effort was worth it as for me it is one of the finest gothic sci-fi tanks on the market.

And to make it even sweeter deal - we've got early adopters promo. We've knocked 10% from the price for the first week of sales.

Expect a follow up - as this is quite a kit (40 parts if you take all the extras / variants into account) I'm working on some assembly guides :) .

Posted by in on Jul 21, 2015 .

Are your models ready for some desert action? If not a couple of those bits may help out:

1. Ash Junkers Heads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Desert Dwellers Heads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

3. Skulls - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

Posted by in on Jul 21, 2015 .

If an extra arm / tentacle is not enough for your models to stand out here 3 options that can make them really pop ;) .

1. Chaos Shields - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Skull Shoulder Pads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

3. Plague Champion Heads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

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