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Crafted from the skulls of loyal servants and pious followers of the Empire, with an addition of highly advanced robotic components, skullbots fulfill many important tasks and are an indispensable part of every Inquisitor's retinue.

There are many differents variants, depending on their role on the battlefield. They may serve as scribes, reconnaissance scout drones, lightly armed bodyguards or interrogation devices. 

To own a skullbot is a great honour and privilege. Pretty often they are mentally linked to the Inquisitor through psychic or cybernetic means, allowing him to control them and see and hear through their electronic...

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Until next Saturday all of the backpacks in our range are 15% off! Backpack promo covers pretty much everything you can mount on the back of your miniature ;) - whether it's a jump pack, regular infantry backpack (full of ammo, supplies and probably some sandwiches) or space knights power supporting unit - they're all here with a nice and juicy discount ;). Cause there's NEVER too much equipment on a miniature!

- iron pattern jump packs
- silver wing pattern jump packs
- bronze pattern jump packs
- storm talon pattern jump packs
- jump packs
- guardsman backpacks
- steampunk infantry backpacks
- biohazard backpacks
- gothic...

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Behold the Putrid Knights -Sevants of The Rotten God, blessed with every known form of disease and decay. Each and every warrior is a hive of filth, festering with pus and swarming with maggots. Their bodies are eternally mutating with a variety of fungus, tentacles, parasites and other 'gifts' one can only imagine.

These warriors feel no pain and are almost immune to most weapons known to humanity. They are able to breathe poisonous fumes and survive in a toxic miasma with no harm taken. Slowly marching through the battlefield, their only purpose is to spread the disease and obtain new...

Posted by in on Feb 23, 2018 .

To save and protect.
To set straight that which is twisted.
To purge the unclean.
To punish the sinner.
To judge the heretic.

She does it all, and she does it gladly. 
The relentless and deadly agent of humanity, the Emperor's brightest flame.

Inquisitor Amelia Blackbourne.

Amelia's model was sculpted by Justyna - MaxMini's newest team member! This is the first project she worked on from the very beggining, including conept sketch.

Hope you'll enjoy this mini as much as we do! :) 

Posted by in on Feb 16, 2018 .

Unkle Speedster 'ere! Today me has got sumthin SPECIAL for all ov ya petrol lovers. Get yerself read fot UNKLE SPEEDSTERZ NITRO PROMOOOO!!! That's right! It's a fuel-injected, petrol-drenched turbo-boosted CAR SALE! Did I say "car"??? Heck no! It's an ALL VEHICLE sale!!! And Unkle Speddster's got it all! Sport cars, pickups, motorbikes, quads, jetbikes, mechs, tanks, and even rocket pigs for all ya swine lovers. Don't have to mention that almost every of my fine vehicles comes with a dakka, do I? Cuz there iz only one thing better than a good ride: a good and SHOOTY ride, hahahaaa!!! 
Y'all better hurry, cuz this promo will last for 7...

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Hi everyone,

Untill next saturday all of you can buy all the steam knigts related products with a 15% discount! Ain't that nice? :) Our promotion covers pretty much every bits and accessories available: head swaps, jump packs, back packs, shoulder pads, capes, melee weapons, guns and ballistic weapons, heavy support and even miniatures! That gives you over 40 different products to choose from, so you can customize and pimp your super - human sized models. 

For info on all discounted products check the list below the article:


Posted by in on Jan 22, 2018 .

'Ere we go again ladz!!!

After a well received set of orc slashers, we return with something a bit more dakka :) 

Here are our new and extremely shooty ORC PISTOLS! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKAAAA!!!

Hack and slash is nice, but it's good to have a solid firearm in your hand as well. That kind of weapon should be noisy, shooty and as unpredictible as it's owner. In this set of 10 finely detailed, resin guns you'll find everything you need: from a classic western pistol to a modern semi-automatic machine handgun that bursts dakka like crazy.

Are they...

Posted by in on Jan 12, 2018 .

Looking for some finely crafted melee weapons? Something that can crack your enemies skull open with just a simple swing? A reliable yet simple tool that will endure every combat, no matter what?

Well, today is your lucky day!

Just take a look at these fine examples of highly advanced orc craftmanship. Invented by the mightiest greenskin meks, here are the melee weapons every orc warrior was waiting for. Rigged up from the most reliable materials available (nothing more reliable than a wrench and a heavy, metal blade!), they make every hi-tech equipped human soldier look super lame and unprepared for a serious battle. They look even...

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