Posted by in on Oct 19, 2018 .
Bro Orcs ain’t no regular gruntz! These are da best of da bestest orcs eva! Special operation ladz, brutal and cunnin, but mostly brutal… and cunnin! They ave big dakka and big bomma and they need no support. Always first to pick da propa fight, no puny humie or can defeat ‘em! No onez can defeat ‘em!!! WAAAAGH!!!!!
If ye wanna get to know ‘em betta, just check da wordz of wisdum below. Some humiez tried to act like these ladz before, but orcs were da first ya know...

Orkminator – Hasta la vista, humie.

B.A. Barorkus – He...

Posted by in on Oct 17, 2018 .

Unnamed Orc Hero is a truely violent chieftain, ready to lead the biggest horde there is - no doubt about it! He's the biggest, greenest and meanest warboss a clan can have. A natural born leader, fearsome warrior and surprisingly cunning strategist (well, for orc standards that is...), he exceedes every other greenskin on the battlefield, and wreaks havoc among enemies, hacking and slashing his opponents in a bloody whirlwind of flesh and metal.

Armed with a huge combi-dakka, bomb-flail and a lot of various boomsticks, he's ready to pick the biggest fight there is. Such armament is...

Posted by in on Oct 12, 2018 .

What is the greatest challenge in the godforsaken, lifeless wasteland? Not to go insane!

Imagine living in a desolated world, where every form of life is hostile and dangerous, every person you encounter wants to rob or/and kill you and your parents abandoned you shortly after you were born. Sounds pretty rough, doesn't it?

People who were born in such circumstances, quickly learn how to take care of themselves and are pretty much destined to become outcasts. They are almost always the worst rascals, very often shunned and hunted down to be killed.

As a result, these people pretty often loose their minds, become violent and...

Posted by in on Oct 10, 2018 .

Myths and folk legends tell of a twisted scarecrow with a bird on his shoulder, known as Scarecrow Stan. Emerging from the loamy soil shrouded in mist, he wields a bizarre pitchfork with rusty nails and drags a sack with rotten pumpkins behind him.

This clumsy and pretty much harmless creature looks after fields, orchards and crops. Constantly tripping and stumbling, he tries to scare off greedy thieves and unconcerned birds but the latter seem to like him quite a bit. Local folks don't bother him, silently appreciating his inefficient yet sincere intentions.

When the fall is over, he wanders off not to be seen until it's time to...

Posted by in on Oct 08, 2018 .

Highly explosive gunpowder desperately needed on a battlefield? Dwarven ale stored in a basement of some local inn? Or maybe an exotic spice imported from a distant eastern countries?

These barrels may contain any of the above, or possibly some other misterious cargo that can be found only in uncanny imaginary lands. One thing is sure though – these are a must for every hobbist who fights his battles in frosty northern kingdoms, dwarven mines, wild plains, or any kind of fantasy setting.
Cast in high quality resin, available in packs of 6.

Posted by in on Sep 28, 2018 .

Desert Dwellers snipers are great soldiers, but above all they're exceptional marksmen, capable to kill the enemies from afar. These men are experts with single shot weapons, their talents being identified during both: trainings and operations. Having been spotted as an exceptional shot, the trooper quickly becomes his unit's marksman and while he continues to perform the same combat duties as before, he takes on an additional and highly specialised responsibility.

We're extremely happy that our desert dwellers got such a great reception, and we plan to expand this unit in time....

Posted by in on Sep 13, 2018 .

Last week saw the release of our desert dwellers unit. Damn, it was quite a journey - designing a coherent unit poses much more challenges than working on a single character.

The whole concept started thanks to one of our past conversion kits - desert dwellers heads namely. Konrad did a stunning job on those, they definitely rank among my favourites in the offer. So a thought of having a full blown squad featuring those was pretty tempting. Even more so considering "Lawrence of Arabia" and post apocalytpic themes have a very warm place in my heart.

The idea had to wait in limbo though - there were projects we...

Posted by in on Sep 07, 2018 .
Desert dwellers are a nomad tribe, scavenging the vast deserts of their home planet. Constantly searching for water, food, weapons, abandoned tech and scraps of metal, these silent warriors specialize in guerilla warfare, swift and silent ambushes and covert operations behind the enemy lines.

If you wish, you can hire them to join your forces - at a price though. Have in mind though, that a 10 men squad of these fine soldiers is way more lethal than dozens of regular grunts.

After their job is done they simply vanish in the desert, never to be seen again.

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