Posted by in on Dec 07, 2018 .

Arc cannon operators are probably the most ultimate badass soldiers of all the desert dwellers. Carrying a huge, battery powered heavy weapon ain't the safest duty in the world.
Extremely powerful, yet far more unstable than any other weapon, these guns have a chance to overheat, malfunction and even explode, wounding (or killing) the wielder. Having said that, arc cannons are capable of cutting through armor, flesh and bone alike, literally obliterating the enemy, no matter the cover. They are usually deployed in situations where raw takedown power is required against...

Posted by in on Nov 23, 2018 .

Now THAT'S a big gun! Orc Special Weapon are an elite unit, obsessed with huge, highly customized weapons, capable to wipe out an entire squad of infantry in a hail of fire.

Unlike other orcs, they prefere to keep their distance and shower the enemy with bullets, rockets, shrapnels and every other kind of dakka.

They consider themselves to be at the top of orc society, being the wealthiest of their entire warband. These guys just love to boast and brag about their shiny guns, heavy armor and impressive amounts of teef that they gathered during battles and various...

Posted by in on Nov 22, 2018 .

Hope you didn't think we'd forget about this special day, did you? Well, we did not. Black Friday 2018 just kicked in! All items in webstore just got a hefty 20% discount. The discount will last till the end the weekend, which should give enough time to catch on a deal :)

Just to let you know, the discount is being applied in the order total, during checkout. It will look somewhat like this:

Posted by in on Nov 15, 2018 .

Not every desert dweller is an exceptional marksman, stealthy soldier or close combat specialist. Some of them seem to be a bit odd, and simply like to see the world burn...

These troops are one of the bravest (or the most insane, pick one) warriors in their unit. Armed with an arguably stable flame thrower and a tank full of liquid, highly flammable nitro fuel, they silently purge the battlefield. Extremely efficient, fearless and almost unstoppable by regular infantry counterattack, they wreak havoc among enemy foots oldiers.

No regular grunt volunteers to carry such an...

Posted by in on Nov 08, 2018 .

What's better than an open-topped looted wagon full of orcs, charging full speed ahead? Nothing.
This vehicle is DA THING! Definitely not an ordinary trukk, orc M3 halftrack has got it all: armor plates, nitro afterburners, big shoota, extra fuel cans, enhanced chassis, bulletproof tires, anti-humie bumper, ammo crates, and enough space to take a roaring horde made of green flesh, metal and bad attitude.

Every self-respecting warboss should have at least one of these! Make it two or three, splash some red paint on it and you know what will happen - engine-roaring mass of metal...

Posted by in on Oct 31, 2018 .

More ammo! More fuel! More DAKKA!!!
Orcs just love to put their hands on stuff that not exactly belongs to them. Some greenskin clans specialize in that sort of activities, and even turn it into some sort of twisted and bizarre form of art.

What is loot? Well... it's pretty much anything a greedy orc can put his hands on and appropriate for himself. Ammo, fuel, guns, bombs, engines, tanks, vehicles, warmachines etc. Once an orc "acquires" some new and shiny thingies, he usually takes them to their Mek buddies to be rebuilt into something bit more... orky.

This set contains da BIG...

Posted by in on Oct 26, 2018 .

Gharrak the Bone Gnawer - without a doubt one of the strongest and most brutish leaders of beast tribes. Large, hairy and musclebound beast, expert in close combat battle, he leads his herd from the front, whenever a battle is at hand. Crowned with a sets of worn yet still deadly horns, still sharp and hard as any blade. His body is robust and bulky, all covered with scar tissue and plague infested cysts.

Revelling with pure violence and brutality, this tyrant is mighty enough to command both loyalty and obedience among his vicious horde. No other horned beast dare to cross...

Posted by in on Oct 24, 2018 .
Another shoulder pads for your steam knights just hit our store! They'll fit a large variety of knights: fantasy plates, scifi power armors, loyalists an renegades  - you name it, there are hardly any limits here :)

If you're looking for a spikey and more aggressive look or simply want to diversify your troops a bit, then these will work perfectly. Besides, spikes always look cool, don't they? ;)

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