Posted by in on Feb 13, 2019 .

From with love... comes a set of heads swaps that feel the spirit of this time of the year - Valentine's Day Special head swaps.

You know we enjoy silly things from time to time - we simply couldn't miss this one out :D . The set will be available till the end of the week.

Posted by in on Feb 08, 2019 .

In the desolate desert, beneath the moon´s pale gaze, armies of dead corpses walk. They wander the evershifting dunes in search of the golden kingdom they no longer possess. Carrying weapons of bronze and copper, their eyeless faces grin mockingly with a bitter resentment of the life lost long time ago.

Rising from their decrepit sarcophagi, they are desperate to reclaim the land that is rightfully theirs. Their legions are innumerable, ancient and emotionless, spiteful to all mortals foolish enough to forget them.

To stand before such an army is truely a horrific experience, and only...

Posted by in on Feb 04, 2019 .

Among the jagged shadows of the mountains and cold winds blowing down from the peaks lies an abandoned land.

It is a harsh land of freezing winters and grim summer time, where no one is ever safe and people tend to dissapear in mysterious and unexplained circumstances.
To go out after dark in this gloomy province is almost certain death, and to go out during the day is only a little safer.

Unimaginable monstrosities lurk in the shadows, woods and graveyards. No one ever wishes to come back there, not even to mourn their beloved ones that passed away, or long gone ancestors. The...

Posted by in on Jan 25, 2019 .
Curious how these taste like? Go ahead, have a bite (plz, don't ;) )!
You can fry them, make a delicious stew, brew a potion, or simply munch them when they're raw and fresh (but some might bite back then, so better be careful).

Once you consume them, you'll see the world from a totally different point of view, probably the least expected one. Be prepared to be amazed by a burst of colors, twisted visions, sharpened senses and a temporary blackout. An unexpected diarrhea is also a possibility.

Some goblin tribes are expert brewers and cultivators of many different species of...

Posted by in on Jan 18, 2019 .

Elves - one of the most ancient and powerfull races known. Tall, slender, very fast and agile, elven warriors are one of the fiercest and most proud adversaries one can face on the battlefield.

Let's not forget about their incredibly long life-spam. Assuming they don't die a violent death, they are capable of living even for thousands of years and are resistant to most diseases and various forms of physical mutations caused by Dark Gods. 
Elves are magically gifted creatures, and their wizards are able to control many different kinds of magic, their elements and other mysterious paths,...

Posted by in on Jan 11, 2019 .

What's better than a heavily armed and fully armored ork walker?
Two heavily armed and fully armored ork walkers!

Behold our brand new war machines! These tanks have it all: big cannons, missile launchers, HMGs, giant chainswords, mechanical gripping arms, enhanced armor and A LOT of DAKKA.

These battle tanks are operated by an ork pilot permanently hardwired to the machine. Such technology often causes the poor greenskin inside to go a bit mad, but it's considered a fair price to pay for such an enormous firepower and battle...

Posted by in on Dec 17, 2018 .

Anti-riot Infantry Fighting Vehicle is an extremely versatile and relible carrier. It's durable construction, thick armor, boosted engine and a wide range of weaponry, allow it to operate pretty much anywhere: hive city ruins, hazardous wastelands, venomous jungles, open plains, stormy deserts - you name it.

It's quite often a vehicle of choice for officers and higher ranked field commanders, while planning a long term campaign. Anti-riot IFV performs it's duty flawlessly, making it a perfect transport and fire support for heavy infantry, and all kinds of specialized units.


Posted by in on Dec 11, 2018 .
This content is probably not quite safe for work - you've been warned!
At first glance he just looks like a really nasty, dwarvish version of Santa Claus. Shaggy, toothless, probably a bit smelly too.
But if you take a closer look at what he's holding... yeah, that's where things get a bit naughty. Can't be 100% sure what's in the box, but we can take almost a certain guess.

Some may say it's in a bad taste - can't argue with that! But hey, you've been warned!

Filthy Santa is available for a limited time (3 weeks to be exact) and will be gone with the 1st of January...

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