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Beware the ferocious gnawers!!! These odd creatures are hardly anything more than bouncing (or wheelie riding in some cases!) gobs of razor sharp teeth... and occasionally some explosives as well.

Gnawers are simple creatures and are commonly bred by various ork tribes. Greenskins tend to use them as pets, food source, source of various entertainment and obviously, as a bizarre form of weapon.

Strapping some bombs, grenades, enhanced metal jaws and even set of wheels to a gnawer is not a problem for an experienced ork mek-head. Such "pimped" pets become a force to be reckoned...

Posted by in on Mar 11, 2019 .

Once they dominated and ruled the Galaxy, but now are just an ancient dying race, forgotten long time ago. After the fall of their dominion, they have scattered among the stars in a planetoid-sized starships, roaming through the void.

Space elves are a refugee population, just a reflection of their former strength and power. Once among the most powerful races of the galaxy, they were dominating a significant area of the stars. However, they are still a force to be reckoned with and truely a powerful adversary, permanently securing their remaining prosperity.

Their advanced...

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The almighty veterans are an undisputed ruling class in the bizarre, yet strangely reasonable orc hierarchy. They are pretty much the largest and most dangerous ones in a warband, inferior only to warboss or warlords, who are simply bigger and stronger. Veterans (like any other orc) gain their rank and reputation through martial prowess and killing challengers. More fights won and challengers defeated gain respect and fear among other orks, but also power and status.

Veterans can be found in the retinue of a Warboss, but they can also form separate operating units, or simply...

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Cursed weapons made of bronze and copper, an ancient heritage of a civilization lost aeons ago. Their rusty yet still sharp blades engraved with mysterious hieroglyphs, that are impossible to unravel even by the wisest wizards alive.
To wield such weapon is to agree to be cursed, and slowly succumb into the void of madness. Yet many are willing to pay such terrible prize, for these blades are known to slay ghosts, monsters and demons alike - their power is unquestionable, inexplicable and rooted in some ancient, mystical sorcery of evil forces.

Some adventurers speak of...

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From with love... comes a set of heads swaps that feel the spirit of this time of the year - Valentine's Day Special head swaps.

You know we enjoy silly things from time to time - we simply couldn't miss this one out :D . The set will be available till the end of the week.

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In the desolate desert, beneath the moon´s pale gaze, armies of dead corpses walk. They wander the evershifting dunes in search of the golden kingdom they no longer possess. Carrying weapons of bronze and copper, their eyeless faces grin mockingly with a bitter resentment of the life lost long time ago.

Rising from their decrepit sarcophagi, they are desperate to reclaim the land that is rightfully theirs. Their legions are innumerable, ancient and emotionless, spiteful to all mortals foolish enough to forget them.

To stand before such an army is truely a horrific experience, and only...

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Among the jagged shadows of the mountains and cold winds blowing down from the peaks lies an abandoned land.

It is a harsh land of freezing winters and grim summer time, where no one is ever safe and people tend to dissapear in mysterious and unexplained circumstances.
To go out after dark in this gloomy province is almost certain death, and to go out during the day is only a little safer.

Unimaginable monstrosities lurk in the shadows, woods and graveyards. No one ever wishes to come back there, not even to mourn their beloved ones that passed away, or long gone ancestors. The...

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Curious how these taste like? Go ahead, have a bite (plz, don't ;) )!
You can fry them, make a delicious stew, brew a potion, or simply munch them when they're raw and fresh (but some might bite back then, so better be careful).

Once you consume them, you'll see the world from a totally different point of view, probably the least expected one. Be prepared to be amazed by a burst of colors, twisted visions, sharpened senses and a temporary blackout. An unexpected diarrhea is also a possibility.

Some goblin tribes are expert brewers and cultivators of many different species of...
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