Posted by in on Aug 11, 2013 .

Since the launch of the new site I've been discussing possibility of adding Disqus to manage all the comments out here. I've talked both with fans and those who do not like it. We weightened pros and cons - in the end we'll use it :) . It is so much fun and makes enagaging discussions much easier to handle and participate in.

So what is it? Well , the truth is simple - it is a commenting system on steroids. There's a huge chance you've already been using it without knowing it - it powers sites like IGN or BoLS.

On users side it allows to post comment / send message without registering, simply using  their familiar FB / Google+ /...

Posted by in on Aug 08, 2013 .

While the sunny summer weather makes even the air in the workshop feel like sweating I found myself wandering with a camera just to break my daily routine.

In the first room you simply can't overlook huge desk where on one side our cheerful fella ;), Robert, plays with the putty, while on the other Krzysiek slaps some paint. The desk is crowded with paint pots, reference material and other things which origin I do not dare to ask.
There's my lair nearby. Here's where most of the project and development ideas get spawned - even the crazy ones ( like pieces of jewellery we did for one of the local companies). It is also a place...

Posted by in on Aug 06, 2013 .

Ok, so you've noticed the new website and you may be asking yourself why the heck MaxMini team decided to switch to a new "engine"? Fear not, it is not some sort of whim, resulting in us spending cash on some tech instead of new models :D . This change comes from our constant need to make something better - and I'd like to shed some light what led us to this decision.
First of all - our main page has not been updated for months, only the webstore got constant updates. That has been caused by something I did in the very beggining - I've used several separate systems to get our webpage running. This means that I had to use separate login...

Posted by in on Aug 05, 2013 .

I've just added new guns set to the store - NeoFg42 .

Got to admit that when we've been discussing our favourite WW2 guns, FG42 has been coming back again and again. Thus the idea struck to use it as a basis of a more sci-fi version.
The first challenge was changing the side on which ammo magazine is located. While having on the left would make it more "realistic" , but it would prevent from using it on most of the models, due to the way most of them have their arms arranged.
Then we've added bunch of targeting systems and gizmos. Here's the initial model Kuba did:


After initial 3d print we made some final tweaks - it has...

Posted by in on Aug 02, 2013 .

To celebrate the launch of our new, shiny website we'll be having a special 15% off promo for the weekend. It will be be followed by a 5% off next week :) . This is available for the full checkout option (may be tricky with PayPal Express).
The discount is added at the end of the checkout procedure - you should see it in the order total :).
Enjoy ;) !

Posted by in on Jul 28, 2013 .

Whoa - that was a journey! Bumpy at times , but new website is finally here. For the past couple fo months we've been working hard on it, especially when it comes to functionality. But more on that later :) .

So for now enjoy :) . Let me know what do you think about it and/or if you find something that bugs you. In the next couple of days I'll try to add remaining products, work out missing pics and so on :) .

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