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The most hardened Feral Knights veterans are well known for their unbreakable armor, able to withstand even the harshest and most epic battles. Enemy bullets cannot penetrate it, for it was forged in fire and ice by the brotherhoods blacksmiths, famous for their fine craftsmanship.

Quite commonly adorned with the image of wolves head, ancient runes and symbols, these armors are belived to have nearly magical powers, and they do affect it's owner greatly.

Having faced every foe, xeno and other threat known to mankind, the oldest and wisest brothers gain an honour of wearing...

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Most experienced and battle-hardened of the Feral Knights ranks gain an honour of being their Battle Leader’s bodyguard, a hand picked elite unit of the bravest warriors. They serve as his protectors and the forefront of his army.

To become such ane elite warrior means to outshine your fellow battle brothers and prove to be worthy, by performing some kind of heroic deed in the most ferocious battle. Age is not a factor here, and there are no strict criterias in elevating to the higher ranks. Battle Leaders mostly rely on their instinct and convictions, they observe and...

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Forged in the cold winds of distant, frostbitten planets, Feral Knights are savage and proud servants of the Human Empire. They seek eternal glory and honor in battle, making it their biggest desire and eternal, epic quest.

These soldiers have genetically enhanced, superhuman senses and physiology, very often occuring in various wolf-like mutations and anomalies. This inheritance is very often seen as both blessing and a curse. As a matter of fact, they appear to be savage and wild, adorning their battle armor with various furs, pelts, bones, skulls and teeth of slain enemies, that...

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Now these lads just LOVE a good 'ol fast and bumpy ride! With the engine roaring and some (arguably) reliable dakka on board, covered in dust, fumes and gunpowder, there's nothing more a decent orc can wish for.

There is something special about the roar of overcharched engine that makes greenskins overly excited and fulfills their wicked need for speed. Some orcs simply love to feel the wind whipping their grinning faces, as much as they love to hear guns blazing and the overwhelming battle thunder.

If you can relate to that kind of orc weirdos (we know you do!) then this set...

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Cagey, cunning, tricksy and quite odd - these are probably the best words to describe these wicked, masked individuals. Some of them use their tribal or fungi magics to barter for tribal influence, while others work their way into a top position by either plotting against the Warboss or by good ol' assasination. Any greenskin that opposes their will is to suffer nasty rashes, mysterious spider infestation, or simply gets stabbed in the back.

While being way more subtle than their larger greenskinned kin, these gobbos are no less effective and definitely waaaay more annoying.

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 Tank Platoons are among the most powerful assets in the desert dwellers army arsenal. Such valued tools of destruction require the most skilled commanders.

Those individuals need to go through rigorous training and years of service before they're deemed worthy of having such privilege. When they're finally allowed to lead they're able to wreak havoc among enemy forces and turn the tide of the harshest battles.

The set contains 3 models cast in high quality resin.

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These rusty shields made of bronze and copper are a legacy of an ancient civilization, forgotten aeons ago. Engraved with mysterious symbols and hieroglyphs that are impossible to unravel, they still provide an impressive combat value.
Tough as iron yet light as feather, these shilds can sometimes be seen on the battlefields of the distant lands.

Many belive that they're cursed and that it's wielders souls will eventually succumb into the void of madness, turning them into servants of dark gods. Still, many mercenaries are willing to pay a good prize for a fine piece of armory, and don't...

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S'mark - the most tricksy, looney and unpredictable of all the gobbos in the history of greenskins. He always carries a basket full of magic mushrooms and rotten eggs, that keep his insanity level way above the scale.

This crazed goblin hero always charges the enemy on the back of his trusted battle gnawler, hopping through the battlfield in a crazed rampage and wreaking havoc among terrified adversaries.

Beside biting and chomping through the enemy lines, S'mark spends most of his time looking for and consuming insane amounts of mushrooms, occasionally throwing rotten eggs at his...

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