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... not really ;) . But it is true that rapid prototypying techniques really do make a lot of things to change.

Some time ago I had a discussion when one of people argued that 3D printing quality wise is not up to the standart yet to make good miniatures. As it is something we've been doing for the past 2 years I disagree - and hopefully pics below will prove that :) .

One of the benefits of using this technology is that you're able to scale the models to your liking without a need of actually resculpting them - you simply print them in different scale :)

But to be honest it is also one of the main issues really -...

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All you have to do to win a €50.00 gift certificate to use at our webstore, is Facebook Like both Blood of Kittens and Maxmini and then give a thumbs up or comment to the link for this post. The key here is you must like both Facebook pages and the contest update from each Facebook page to qualify. If you already both Maxmini and Blood of Kittens fans then just thumbs up both updates and be entered to win! Extra points will be given to any comments with pictures or ideas for using Maxmini products.
The contest will run only for a week and then a week after that we will announce a winner!
Have fun guys and...

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As I've posted on FB winners of the comments contest are:

Arkham America

Marcin Ciszewicz

Ángel Santana Dorta

Congrats guys! I really enjoyed AA's suggestions and comments regarding the site - I really wish to implement some of those ideas. It was also cool to have a 3d software related discussion with Marcin.

Anyways send me a message with info what your webstore accounts are and I'll add you to Supremes so you could benefit from a discount. Remember that atm it works only with full checkout, with regular PayPal - PayPal Express won't work (hopefully by the end of the next week it will be ok).

How it works? Simple -...

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When we finally got the greatcoat arms done I've been thinking about making a squad using our bits. But the thing was that I imagined quite specific heads that we haven't had in the offer - so I decided we should make those :) . The idea behind them was using a clasic WW2 German helmet design with some wicked gasmask/respirators to get this menacing, tox troopers look.

I've searched the net for references and quickly worked out the helmet in Rhino. I was eager to check how would it look on actual head sculpt. Luckily we have plenty to choose from. What's even better a couple of month ago I've been playing with reverse engineering and...

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... literally ;) . Really !  This melevolant creature of insanity and random tentaclish goodness has had its ways before it got released.

It all started a couple years back when I got this idea born from B movies  (you can blame "Tremors" and "Braindead" mostly). The main issue was explaining the idea to the sculptor. I've been feeling rather uncomfoartble when it comes to drawing at the time ( to be honest I still do - but I'm not afraid to take a pencil anymore :D ), but luckily around this period I've got in touch with Piotr who seemed to be really into monsters (he did a crazy good concept for our cyclops before). A couple of...

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I've seen in front of me how the work on this little killer is going on and I couldn't wait to get him in my hands! When I finally got him I began just like with Orc bikers - with black and white priming. Now he was ready for the fun. I've started with clothes - mostly black, so only subtle greys were used as highlights. Next were body parts. Not much work ;) - I've used same colour scheme as for the Orcs - olive greens as a base, dark green for darker tones and cool bone tone for highlights. Half of the miniature was done quite fast but the most tricky part were to come - weapons. They are very detailed and I've painted them in 'Non...

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It's been almost a month since we've launched new website. So far so good - the core of the system works nicely. It's around time to sum up your suggestions and mark some things we should do.

First of all I'm happy to see that new layout is welcomed by most of the people. James suggested that product navbar on the homepage should be moved to the top. I think that may be a good idea as it would result in a more unified look throughout the page. Will see how it turns out.

Arkham America started discussion about changing behaviour in the list view, so you could get quicker preview of the products. We had a chat about it and in the end...

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I have to admit that in the late 80's and in 90's I've got my share of action movies. Titles like "Rambo", "Predator", "MiA"  have comfortably set in my memory. So when a space for a slightly more funky project apeared I've quickly decided to fill it with something that was based on those blasts from the past :) .

When I worked out the guideline Robert made a frame from brass wire with green stuff on top and started building up shapes with FIMO clay.  As it is rather small miniature he has been able to do most of the sculpting within a day.

I've decided to put "use best tool for teh job" principle into action and asked Kuba to work...

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