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Hope you had a blast during Christmas time :) !

As the New Year draws near we would like to wish you all the best - lots of fun with friends and your families, good health, prosperous and enjoyable work, stunning holidays.


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... or two ;) ...

If you ever thought that some computer games are expensive check price tags on the software used in the CAD world - dang, that's where things get REALLY expensive. Most of those can drain your budget quickly in a single swift blow, even if you're used to spending lots of cash on a hobby. Yup, they haven't been made with an average Joe in mind - rather studios and large workshops.
But does the design software have to be that pricey? The answer is - luckily not. There are lots of tools that can get you going with 3d design affordably. Better still , with 3d printing becoming slightly more popular, some companies...

Posted by in on Nov 21, 2013 .

That was a quickie - ever since oportunity to work on those apeared it has taken Kuba reasonably small amount of time to create first prototypes.

In fact it went so well I've asked Kuba to charge his Rhino-fu even furter and work on pistol set.

With those done adding a heavy weapon was really straightforward :) .

Displacement guns are available for a couple of weeks and I've just added the pistols. Heavy weapon variant should be released soon.

Again it was pleasure to see how well Rhino3d works for such projects.

Posted by in on Nov 15, 2013 .

I'd like to hear some input from you - I've been wondering what kind of games you enjoy most - skirmish games, full-blown army level battle games, boardgames?

We're in a lucky times - there's quite a selection in the market. While I've started with playing army-level ones , currently it seems I gravitate towards smaller ones - something that's more menagable for me, that allows me to transport models to a buddy more easily and concentrate on painting individual models more. But that doesn't mean that my love for fielding tons of models ceased :D ....

What aspects of gaming you like and which you don't? Which genres you prefer? When...

Posted by in on Nov 04, 2013 .

Those that bought our models in a local store propably seen our blisters... And well... let's be honest - they are not among the prettiest ones. I know that it is not packaging that's important, but contents - but on the other hand I've felt for a long time that with so much work that went into design and making of our items it would be great to have a packaging that's worthy :) .

It has taken a while, but with a help of our friend 'Lycan' we finally got those - and boy, the improvement is so clearly visible :) :

They are also color coded , so for example heads bits have orange strip on top while torsos and backpacks have...

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Ever since we've released Jane and Anne, our guerilla heroines, it was no secret I want to make more. A whole squad of badass guerilla female soldiers sounded to cool to miss such opportunity :) .

It was Gregor Adrian capable hands that brought those into reality:

.... and initial quick concepts were drawn by Ana.

The miniatures will be ready for release within a month - I already can't wait to see the paintjob by Chris.

Posted by in on Oct 22, 2013 .

... not really ;) . But it is true that rapid prototypying techniques really do make a lot of things to change.

Some time ago I had a discussion when one of people argued that 3D printing quality wise is not up to the standart yet to make good miniatures. As it is something we've been doing for the past 2 years I disagree - and hopefully pics below will prove that :) .

One of the benefits of using this technology is that you're able to scale the models to your liking without a need of actually resculpting them - you simply print them in different scale :)

But to be honest it is also one of the main issues really -...

Posted by in on Oct 22, 2013 .

All you have to do to win a €50.00 gift certificate to use at our webstore, is Facebook Like both Blood of Kittens and Maxmini and then give a thumbs up or comment to the link for this post. The key here is you must like both Facebook pages and the contest update from each Facebook page to qualify. If you already both Maxmini and Blood of Kittens fans then just thumbs up both updates and be entered to win! Extra points will be given to any comments with pictures or ideas for using Maxmini products.
The contest will run only for a week and then a week after that we will announce a winner!
Have fun guys and...

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