Posted by in on Apr 29, 2014 .

From the depths of wind-blown desert (or ratheher our quirky imagination) comes new head swaps conversion set - Desert Dwellers heads. As usual they are designed to work with 28mm heroic miniatures (but mind the added bulk because of turbans).

Set of 10 has been priced 6.99EUR, cast in high quality resin.
Those proved to be so much fun we're currently considering (if there will be interest that is :) ) working on complementary set (more variants) or even full models - let us know what do you think.

Oh, and we couldn't resist a short promo video :)

Posted by in on Apr 28, 2014 .

Hi there!
We've got surprise for you
No one knows how long it will be available but it's for sure quick promo
Prices are going down for:

1. Steam Knights Nobles Heads .

2. Steam Knights Helmets

3. Gun Glaive

4. Pteruges

It won't last forever so grab those at discounted price while you can :) .

Posted by in on Apr 16, 2014 .

In the deep bowels of the MaxMini workshop mechanics finished pimping the atv quad bike - it's ready to storm the battlefields :) .

While the base computer model had a tad crazy amount of parts we've been able to reduce it to menagable number as you can see here:

So all in al it should be a breeze to assemble :) . To make it even easier Konrad sculpted a pair of legs for the driver.

The kit allows you to assemble one of 2 variants - either with the platform for the gunner or without.

I coulnd't resist a quick kitbashing just see how it could look when done - added some parts from space police and combat armour sets....

Posted by in on Mar 20, 2014 .

The 5 man jungle squad has been added to the store. Working on an orc army has not distracted us from regular releases :).

Many of you requested after Female Guerilla models  that we should do unit with separate weapons - and that's what we did . While it makes the kit more suitable from experienced modelmakers it definitely makes it easier to use those within variety of gaming systems.
To ensure that all works Robert had to tweak the models a couple of times. The minis, except weapons, were sculpted using traditional methods - fimo clay around brass wireframe. So...

Posted by in on Mar 05, 2014 .

Orcs... lots of them... WW2 US Army gear... YAY!!! At least that were the thoughts that crossed my mind when I thought it is right around time we should work on an army. The thought of lots of models swarming on the table was simply too tempting to resist, especially considering how fun greenskins are to work on. Something of such magnitude comes with challenges though - starting from design phase and ending on funding. The first can be solved with an experience (which luckily we have :D) the 2nd we wish to overcome with your help - by using crowdfunding.

Choosing the theme - planning it all out
When I sat to the table and started...

Posted by in on Jan 25, 2014 .

Thought I'd share initiative I've introduced to the workshop a while back. Each Friday we can step back from scheduled project and have some fun with the things we have in mind , those that do not fit regular releases. It is also time we can use for learning and trying out new things.
So what some os us have been doing during those Fridays?
Konrad from the very beginning had some idea about sort of crazy orc carrying cannon. He is huge Blizzard fanboy ;) so he wanted to stylize his model differently - somewhere in between regular orc image and the quirkier orcs from computer games universes. So he launched Zbrush and started sculpting...

Posted by in on Jan 20, 2014 .

Over at DakkaDakka forums I've mentioned that we're considering using crowdfunding for some of the projects. This resulted in some awesome replies and suggestions - especially OrlandotheTechnicoloured's posts brought some valuable points. Thus, so far we've come to this:

1. Kickstarter vs Indiegogo
If possible definitely Kickstarter. Most of the people seem to prefer it. I still wonder why - some people mentioned currency translations and that Kickstarer is US based. But the thing is that Indiegogo is US based too and we can set currency to US dollars. So I have a feeling that the reason may lie somewhere else.
I'm thinking about it...

Posted by in on Jan 10, 2014 .

Not only Jane and Anne got a restock but finally reinforcements arrived - so now a squad should be doable :) .

We're thinking about packing all as a boxed set - what do you think?

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