Posted by in on Sep 10, 2014 .

The wait is over - TheGreenAlliance KS is live! I'm super excited and can't wait to see which WW2 US themed Orc&Goblin goodies unlock.

The campaign can be found here:

Good times! If you like it please help in spreading the word :) .

Posted by in on Sep 08, 2014 .

You may wonder what can you expect from TheGreenAlliance Kickstarter campaign. In this article I will try to shed some light on the matter.
First of all – expect a whole bunch of fun models :)!
The campaign will be launched through UK site. This means that default currency will be GBP – we have no influence on that. But if you find currency translations a chore fear not – all pledge levels have a clear translation to USD. We've did our best to make it very simple and straightforward.
Another important factor is that pledges are meant to be flexible, so you can choose contents of your army. Yup – no "fixed", pre-built sets :) .

Posted by in on Sep 02, 2014 .

Good news - we've just got a confirmation from KS staff that our campaign is all fine. So the campaign aiming to bring a full sci-fi Orc&Goblins army inspired by WW2 US equipment will start on September 10.


Posted by in on Aug 08, 2014 .

Summer is in full swing out here - super hot and lovely weather :) . But even though part of the team makes use of their holidays , the work in the workshop is as usual at full pace. In fact most of us work more than usual - to make for the lucky fellas that have their breaks ;) .

Pace of new releases has calmed a tad (but only for now - Green Alliance is coming! - and we can get to working on regular ranges) , but this does not mean it stopped. In fact we had some cool additions recently.

First of all - Andromech. It was something that has been sketched out by Tadzio Piccirillo aka FreakForge and waited for a good opportunity to...

Posted by in on Jun 06, 2014 .

One of the craziest Creative Fridays creations hits the store - Zug the Magnificent is here :) . Not only super cool sculpt by Konrad but also a fancy studio paintjob by Chris (I hope that Chris will bring a tutorial on how he did this one).

The model is cast in high quality resin and comes in 2 parts - orc with cannon and a jolly gobbo.

And if you overlooked render of teh sculpt here it is :

Posted by in on May 20, 2014 .

We've just added new set of guns to the store - displacement cannons. There are 2 different variants , packed into set of 6 .

And for a complete off-topic : I received some questions about The Green Alliance army project. Fear not, things are moving forward. As we decided to skip IGG and go straight for Kickstarter things got a tad trickier due to country restrictions. We're completing the paperwork and getting closer to launching the campaign . In a meantime check out those 2 fellas sitting in my laptop (hope they won't take it when I'm not looking ;) ).

Posted by in on May 12, 2014 .

This time we have something treading on a border of plain crazy :) - Sonic Guns. We've worked out 3 different designs - horn of destruction (aka trumpet gun), strings of pain (aka bas guitar gun), sermons of chaos (aka emitter gun). Made to fit 28mm "heroic" miniatures.

And if you'd like to see the project from all sides we've prepared a turntable (can be accessed here if you can't see iframes).

Posted by in on Apr 29, 2014 .

From the depths of wind-blown desert (or ratheher our quirky imagination) comes new head swaps conversion set - Desert Dwellers heads. As usual they are designed to work with 28mm heroic miniatures (but mind the added bulk because of turbans).

Set of 10 has been priced 6.99EUR, cast in high quality resin.
Those proved to be so much fun we're currently considering (if there will be interest that is :) ) working on complementary set (more variants) or even full models - let us know what do you think.

Oh, and we couldn't resist a short promo video :)

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