Posted by in on Jul 21, 2015 .

Are your models ready for some desert action? If not a couple of those bits may help out:

1. Ash Junkers Heads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Desert Dwellers Heads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

3. Skulls - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

Posted by in on Jul 21, 2015 .

If an extra arm / tentacle is not enough for your models to stand out here 3 options that can make them really pop ;) .

1. Chaos Shields - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Skull Shoulder Pads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

3. Plague Champion Heads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

Posted by in on Jul 21, 2015 .

This week there's a chance to bolster you Space / Steam Knight forces for less :) . Following items are on sale:

1. Steam Knight Helmets - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Bronze Pattern Jump Packs - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

3. Biohazard Heads - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

Posted by in on Jul 16, 2015 .

We have some items currently on sale:

1. Space Police Helmets - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Combat Armour Torsos - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

3. Energy Guns - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

The promo will last for a week. Enjoy :) .

Posted by in on Jul 16, 2015 .

This time we've added something more modern, with noticeable "cyberpunkish" vibe - hoverbike.

Those looking for something less modern could possibly find use for a set of steampunk infantry backpacks.

Posted by in on Feb 18, 2015 .

Yup, it is this time of year :P . So if you're not faint of heart and can stand mumblings of tabletop figures company guy read on.
In the last couple of weeks I've been trying to wrap up our workshop's 2014 – what has changed, what went good and what went bad. Not an easy thing for me considering amount of things I've been involved in. So why do it you may ask? Well, I think it gives us a certain perspective and ability to catch a breath a tad. Which is definitely welcome considering the pace of the changes.
I'll start with something you haven't seen but I think it had greatest impact on us. The crew has changed – MUCH. Now I can...

Posted by in on Oct 08, 2014 .

The countdown has begun - last days of the campaign have started. What a ride - this Kickstarter turned out to be so much more than we expected. The reception is great and all the stretch goals have unlocked - simply awesome!

So we were more than happy to throw some exclusives to the mix. Zuzanna Lapies is working on a concepts for gen. Smacton with his trusty pet. Sooooo characterful - Konrad seems to be really into starting sculpting this fella.

The 2nd exclusive is sneaky gobbo for which concept has been graciously provided by Kerim.

Gen. Smacton will be added to leader lvl pledges and higher, sneaky gobbo to...

Posted by in on Sep 22, 2014 .

Oh yeah! Our Kickstarter campaign funded in no time - stretch goals fell one after another. Still lots to do but this Orc & Goblins army will be awesome!

In this video I have tried to sum 1st week up:

And here's a quick pic of the item recently added - artillery:

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