Posted by in on Mar 17, 2016 .

I've always preferred to game on a beautiful scenery – nicely done, color terrain enhances experience so much. I've been thinking how we can help making those happen – and here's first set showing result of months work. Full color, durable hdf terrain which should fit sci-fi and post-apo game genres. It's also very portable – you can quickly put it together, game on it, then disassemble it and take back home. It does not require to glue parts together and you can put it together in variety of ways – heck, if you combine a couple of sets the possibilities are crazy.
The first steps towards creating it date back to around...

Posted by in on Dec 29, 2015 .

As I can't add photos to KS project page since it has finished I thought I'd upload all the units that were done here. It will be also a chance to get a glimpse of it for those that missed TGA out.

Posted by in on Sep 15, 2015 .

If you wish to turbocharge your orc horde and allow them to reach their enemies quicker we have a new promo for you. Let your horde roam on the battlefield!

1. Badass Orc Biker - 16EUR 12.49EUR

2. Rocket Pig - 15EUR 11.99EUR

3. Orc Bikers Heads - 6.99EUR 5.49EUR

Posted by in on Sep 14, 2015 .

This week new squad hits the store - Neoreich Troopers. Those are the ones we've teased a while back on Twitter feed, when we've shown Chris's desk.

The set contains enough parts to assemble a full 10 man unit. Parts are interchangable so it's easy to build various combinations. Those are mostly cast in metal, with the exception of heads, which are cast in handy-dandy resin we're known for.

And here's a close up of the 2 models - just in case you'd like to make sure those are what you're looking for :) .

If you haven't noticed - again we have early adopters promo. So if you wish to save some cash grab those this week :) .

Posted by in on Aug 31, 2015 .

Smash your opponents with an extra power while keeping your hands warm and comfy ;) .

Those should work really well with the metahuman style armies. No matter you need it for a lefty or for right handed model we've got you covered.

On top of that we have an early adopters discount - for a limited time those are available for 5.49EUR (6.16USD) .

Posted by in on Aug 27, 2015 .

Let your hero command his armies with style - let his favourite cape furl in the wind marking him as a pure epic leader ;) . To ease things out Kacper worked out another promo:

1. Fur Cloaks- 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Capes - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR (work well as a regular uniform)

3. Drake Cloaks - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

Posted by in on Aug 12, 2015 .

To make your steampunk infantry creation a tad easier Kacper and Anne worked on a new promo:

1. Pith helmets - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

2. Greatcoat Torsos - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR (work well as a regular uniform)

3. Steampunk infantry backpacks - - 6.99 , 5.49 EUR

Posted by in on Aug 06, 2015 .

It was quite a while, but it has finally hit the store! Rumbling, smoking and super hot machine of destruction that almost made me lost my hair is available. I won't be humble this time ;) - all the effort was worth it as for me it is one of the finest gothic sci-fi tanks on the market.

And to make it even sweeter deal - we've got early adopters promo. We've knocked 10% from the price for the first week of sales.

Expect a follow up - as this is quite a kit (40 parts if you take all the extras / variants into account) I'm working on some assembly guides :) .

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