Posted by in on Sep 29, 2016 .

... or a pneumatic gripper? We've got you covered - with a freshly released Loader Androbot.

Sculpted by Robert Kurek and cast in high quality grey resin.

Designed to work with 28mm "heroic" miniatures.

Posted by in on Aug 27, 2016 .

Waaagh-waagh West!
Sounds of gunfire, outlaws, brawls - sound pretty orc-y , don't you think? At least we've thought so and decided to put gunslingers and greenskins into mix. The theme is too tempting to pass it up.
Interesting bit is this the work of our intern, Oskar Szulc. Usually serious sculpting projects are being handled by our full time staffers. But Oskar impressed us - he's a talented and hardworking lad. After seeing how well he handles 3d software and how eager he was to learn Zbrush I've decided to give him a chance with more demanding task.
After discussing the idea with the rest of the crew, he sat with his sketchbook...

Posted by in on Aug 08, 2016 .

Need a serious dude watching your back at all time? Well. Then our Space Ogre is the bodyguard You’re looking for! :) This bulky fella comes with 3 different head choices (stylish shades included) and a variety of weapons. You can hire one or three of them, now with 30% off!

1. Space Ogre single pack  12.00EUR 8.40EUR

2. Space Ogre 3-pack 30EUR 21EUR


Posted by in on Aug 05, 2016 .

Let’s put a  spotlight on our new product – the brotherhood heads!
Our main goal was to create interesting head swaps that would fit both: scifi and fantasy 28mm miniatures. The tricky part was to come up with an idea that wouldn’t be just a regular male/female head, but something individual and versatile at the same time. After an intense brainstorm in the studio, weve all agreed to start working on the hooded heads. The task wasn’t easy, but Zbyszek has managed to cope with it just fine! After a while he came up with this:

We all just loved the way he sculpted the heads. They fit both worlds (scifi and fantasy as...

Posted by in on Jul 27, 2016 .

Woof woof! Necrohounds are back!

They’re angry, hungry and… dead ;) If You’re looking for some nasty beasts that will fit your post apocalyptic army, then You should definitely give them a try. They’re not an average couch-loving mutts, that’s for sure.

Designed to fit 28mm „heroic” miniatures, will make a fine addition to a necrotech themed gang, hi-tech militia, or scifi inquisition.

One set contains a pack of 3 metal models (note - they are designed as hounds not mounts). Supplied unpainted.

Posted by in on Jul 22, 2016 .

Recently we've released the White Star Andromech - here it is if you haven't seen it:

I thought I'd share some awesome concepts Glen Giron did for this one.

The idea evolved a bit during the process as we wanted to keep the units feel coherent.

As mentioned during exorig troopers release those are part of White Star force we've sketched out a while back. The idea was to create an army with a regular military feel - but with weird tech touch mixed in. 
It has been modeled by combining Konrad's and Kuba's skill - again we've decided to do majority of hard surface and mechanical elements in technical / industrial design CAD...

Posted by in on May 14, 2016 .

Oink, oink! - boarman heads have been added to the webstore:

This project has been sparked by the idea I had for my beastman unit and I thought I'm not the only one that falls into temptation of making a force consisting of gnarly and vicious... pigs :D .

Konrad once more did an excellent job and really did them justice:

What do you think of those?

Posted by in on Apr 19, 2016 .

Time to bolster White Star forces with some mechanized infantry. You didn't think we would leave Meg's girls alone on the battlefield, did you ;) ?
In fact they were spawned when we were working on an idea for a bigger faction. So here is a 2nd piece for it - a mechanized , exorig infantry.

I'm a big fan of a weird war and steampunk genres so those heavily influenced the guidelines I've prepared for the units. Female infantry had only a gentle touch of weirdness - we've used some US army uniforms as a basis , mixed with existing weaponry and tweaked it a tad. That was quite a natural choice as those were conceptualized around 2...

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