Posted by in on Dec 23, 2016 .

We've managed to squeeze one more release before hoildays - greyskull shoulder pads. Sculpted by the Pawel "Kazube" Laskowski.

Posted by in on Dec 16, 2016 .

Christmas time nears and look who shambles along with sack full of goodies ;) . Damn, we had fun working on this one.

Rotten Santa 2016 X-mas special mini from on Vimeo.

The sculpt has been made by Zbyszek.

Did I say goodies? Yes, indeed - to sweaten the deal we lowered prices for all his plague-ridden fellas. So you'll find those at 15% off:



Greater Plaguebringer

Rotten Puppets

Mutation Set

Biohazard Heads

Biohazard Backpacks

Plague Champion Heads

Zombie Heads

Necrotech Power Fists

Posted by in on Dec 12, 2016 .

Recently Chris painted our Loader Androbot model - and here's how he did it :) .

Assuming that the model is cleaned and assembled properly, first thing to do is priming. Metal parts are dominant feature of the model so we can help ourself putting the base colours right. Quickest method is to use black and white paint in spray can, but the effect will not be as good as using airbrush. When using airbrush we are able to control the colour and flow of the paint better, as well as be more accurate in general.First goes black with a bit of dark blue. After that add some white to the paint and spray it from the top. Be careful not to add too...

Posted by in on Dec 08, 2016 .

Onward, to Victory!

If there's anything 100% certain about goblins, it's that they can make one hell of a weapon using only scraps, junk and whatever they can stea... borrow from their bigger fellas ;) Our scrap tankette is no exception here, you can just feel the spirit of goblin creativity surrounding it.

This model was designed and sculpted by Kuba, and was inspired by 90's arcade games as well as World War II. It might sound a little bit odd, but we think it works out just fine. Hope you like it! ;)

Posted by in on Nov 24, 2016 .


Hope you didn't think we'd forget about this special day, did you? We'll, we've news for you: Black Friday just kicked in. We've decided to give you some sugar, so for the next 48 hours all of our items are 20% off. Who wants some?! Ready, Set, GO!!!

Shop smart. Shop...!


P.S. The discount is being applied in the order total, during checkout.

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Another shoulder pads for your space/steam knights are just in! They’re perfect for an egyptian/stygian themed army, but… not only these ones. They’ll suit any knight model just fine, both scifi and fantasy themed ones. Paladin, knight, priest or gladiator, - You name it! You just can’t go wrong with those :)

Those started as Daniel Hilston's sketch, when he has been working on a whole set of ideas for pads / pauldrons:

This was a perfect start for Kulasyrk who worked on 3d model.

BTW - in case you've missed it as we...

Posted by in on Nov 11, 2016 .

Those that have a soft spot for funky WW2 vehicles will quickly recognize what inspired us to do this one - it is based on iconic SdKfz2 Kettenkrad bike. It's such a crazy one it fits an orc army more than well- especially when pimped up a bit with a "post-apo" feel.

The bike has been meticuously modeled by Kuba (with a bit of construction fixes by Przemek). Initially we thought about making it a bike-only, but we couldn't resits adding a driver. To do this Zbyszek dug through our assets library and started from there (especially considering we have quite a bit of gems...

Posted by in on Nov 09, 2016 .


For the next 7 days we have a special 15% discount on a load of steam knight related products! Head swaps, capes, shoulder pads, weapons - You name it! So if You plan to defend a kingdom, pimp your forces or simply just invade an evil looking neighbour, than we've got just what You need :)

Our promo covers the following products:

-steam knights helmets
-steam knight nobles heads
-tribe of Black Lotus Helmets
-Large Shoulder pads
-Pteruges- Leather Lappets
-Black Lotus Tribe Shields
-Mechanical Hammers Mk2
-Mechanical shields

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