XMAS2018 special

Posted by in on December 11, 2018 . .
This content is probably not quite safe for work - you've been warned!
At first glance he just looks like a really nasty, dwarvish version of Santa Claus. Shaggy, toothless, probably a bit smelly too.
But if you take a closer look at what he's holding... yeah, that's where things get a bit naughty. Can't be 100% sure what's in the box, but we can take almost a certain guess.

Some may say it's in a bad taste - can't argue with that! But hey, you've been warned!

Filthy Santa is available for a limited time (3 weeks to be exact) and will be gone with the 1st of January 2019.

Tags: new release Last update: December 11, 2018

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