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When we finally got the greatcoat arms done I've been thinking about making a squad using our bits. But the thing was that I imagined quite specific heads that we haven't had in the offer - so I decided we should make those :) . The idea behind them was using a clasic WW2 German helmet design with some wicked gasmask/respirators to get this menacing, tox troopers look.

I've searched the net for references and quickly worked out the helmet in Rhino. I was eager to check how would it look on actual head sculpt. Luckily we have plenty to choose from. What's even better a couple of month ago I've been playing with reverse engineering and turning mesh models into nurbs and had the heads in perfect format for Rhino (Rhino is mostly a nurbs app) . Working with the same type of data makes it much easier as you can joing/cut/split the models without lots of extra steps and issues.

From now on Kuba has taken on the project and started working on various gasmask iterations. To my suprise he even did all those straps , clasps inside Rhino - initially I thought that we will add those in mesh app, like Zbrush. A couple of days later we had this set:

Don't you think some of the parts stand out a tad too much? Hehheeh, fear not - it's ok. It is a common issue with sculpting miniatures digitaly. You have to realize the scale you are dealing with. What you're seeing on the screen is many times larger than the physical model will be - so you simply have to overdo the details, otherwise they won't be visible and paintable (and in some cases non-manufacrurable). Note that it has nothing to do with 3d print resolution - hi res printers can capture those but your eyes can't :D . Well , at least not without magnifying glass ;) . Rember that those heads in reality are around 6mm! And even though on the render those look overdone we made one of the details a tad too small - the "grill" on the centre respirator of the rightermost head has turned out to be pushing things too far.

So thx to working in unified format we got a nice , clean file that printed easily. And thx to thinking about things such as proper wall thicknesses it was a breeze to cast. Also as the details were done with thinking about scale in advance painting hasn't been troublesome either - Chris was able to paint these during single session.

Of course as soon as I got first casts I couldn't resist checking out how those work with our other sets - namely greatcoat legs/torsos/arms and NeoFG42.  And that's it :) :

Now I really wish to build a whole squad :) .

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