What kind of games do you enjoy most?

Posted by in on November 15, 2013 . .

I'd like to hear some input from you - I've been wondering what kind of games you enjoy most - skirmish games, full-blown army level battle games, boardgames?

We're in a lucky times - there's quite a selection in the market. While I've started with playing army-level ones , currently it seems I gravitate towards smaller ones - something that's more menagable for me, that allows me to transport models to a buddy more easily and concentrate on painting individual models more. But that doesn't mean that my love for fielding tons of models ceased :D ....

What aspects of gaming you like and which you don't? Which genres you prefer? When it comes to rules what do you think makes a good game and which an annoying one? Do you play campaigns / would want to ? What do you think about games with character developement?

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