Wasteland Interceptor is out

Posted by in on August 04, 2017 . .

Witness me!

There you have it folks – all shiny and chrome! Our new armoured car will help you survive on any post apocalyptic wasteland. Heavy armoured with all sort of metal scraps and plates, it’s body may occur crude and rough. But don’t let this fool you – this beast hides a powerful V6 engine that wreaks a true havoc on the road and is a definitive must have for any speed freak out there. Interceptor is also armed with a lethal LMG that will turn any hostile vehicle into a wrecked pile of junk (assuming that the gun operator won’t get shot first). A perfect blend of mobility and firepower. Now that’s what we  call a killing machine!

Tags: new release Last update: November 22, 2017

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