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While the sunny summer weather makes even the air in the workshop feel like sweating I found myself wandering with a camera just to break my daily routine.

In the first room you simply can't overlook huge desk where on one side our cheerful fella ;), Robert, plays with the putty, while on the other Krzysiek slaps some paint. The desk is crowded with paint pots, reference material and other things which origin I do not dare to ask.
There's my lair nearby. Here's where most of the project and development ideas get spawned - even the crazy ones ( like pieces of jewellery we did for one of the local companies). It is also a place where most of the items end as I review and check them.

On the opposite side Kacper flips through seemingly never ending pile of papers. He is in constant touch with our retailers, distribution - and also makes sure things in the workshop get done.

I cant't forget Kuba and Konrad - lucky fellas who do most of the magic with 3D design software. I'm able to grasp something for myself from time to time, but to be honest in most of the cases it is better left in their hands.
Konrad concentrates on organic pieces in ZBrush, while Kuba does more "tech" designs in CAD.

In the next room Student and Bombel sort out steady stream of orders. Bombel also handles 3d printing related requests while he visits our remote room on top of the building.
On our floor there's one more place to visit - a secretive (and still not 100% finished after renovation - so no pics) casting and mouldmaking room. Here's where the models you get are being born. Mati occasionally peeks out of it showing new moulds for acceptance.

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