Waaagh-Waaagh West!

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Waaagh-waagh West!
Sounds of gunfire, outlaws, brawls - sound pretty orc-y , don't you think? At least we've thought so and decided to put gunslingers and greenskins into mix. The theme is too tempting to pass it up.
Interesting bit is this the work of our intern, Oskar Szulc. Usually serious sculpting projects are being handled by our full time staffers. But Oskar impressed us - he's a talented and hardworking lad. After seeing how well he handles 3d software and how eager he was to learn Zbrush I've decided to give him a chance with more demanding task.
After discussing the idea with the rest of the crew, he sat with his sketchbook and drawn a couple of quick production sketches - and I was assured he knows what we want.

So it was 3d sculpting time. Luckily he has been already familiar with basic Zbrush navigation. First test head was not that awesome, but promising.
But hey - Zbyszek to the rescue! He gave Oskar a couple of hints and the 2nd attempt was so much better. It was a pleasure watching how fast Oskar makes progress. After a couple of days a set was ready:

The geometry was quite clean so Oskar could utilize some of the knowledge gained at Academy of Arts and prepared the build.
I've been double eager to put my hands on the files as I've decided it is perfect opportunity to test our new printer. As you may see the machine built the pieces flawlessly:

So it was a breeze to cast those - and as usual in case of such bits in our high quality resin:

I'm super excited about this one and look forward with future collaboration with industrial design students.
And hmmmm... should we do a follow up for this kit? Some revolvers, other guns, maybe even torsos? What do you think?


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