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You may wonder what can you expect from TheGreenAlliance Kickstarter campaign. In this article I will try to shed some light on the matter.
First of all – expect a whole bunch of fun models :)!
The campaign will be launched through UK site. This means that default currency will be GBP – we have no influence on that. But if you find currency translations a chore fear not – all pledge levels have a clear translation to USD. We've did our best to make it very simple and straightforward.
Another important factor is that pledges are meant to be flexible, so you can choose contents of your army. Yup – no "fixed", pre-built sets :) .
You choose what you want at the end of the campaign – so plenty of time to change your mind, modify/increase your pledge level , for example if you find some cool additional units unlocked.
Wonder how we plan to wrap it up upon completion? The idea is to use an online form you could fill using a modern web browser. I think it is elegant and user friendly solution.
On a manufacturing side it  will be a challange, but luckily we do everything inhouse – we have all the equipment needed for both prototyping and casting. Sculpting is no different – we work on new designs in our own workshop.

I think that one thing that will surprise many when the campaign launches is how clear we are when it comes to what we want to achieve, even beyond basic goal (which has been set at 10k USD). My hopes are it should make your decision whether you wish to back us up easier.
That being said we have some surprises planned :) .

While browsing forums and FB I found some questions about materials used for the models. It will be a mixture of resin and white metal. Vehicles will be mostly resin, miniatures torsos will be usually metal, with heads and some minor parts of equipment in resin. Let me explain thinking behind it – it has to be something that will be manufacturable in reasonable timeframe (this rules out pure resin) and suitable for gaming.
This choice becomes even more aparent when you consider the scope of the project – if you sum all the predefined goals (icluding stretch goals) we have planned to make over 20 units/vehicles (and obviously many of those have a couple of variants). Literally – PLENTY of work.
 We plan to start shipping the models in December, whenever possible on a first come, first served basis. I know it is a tough deadline, but I want to make some cool Christmas surprises :) . Might turn out we will have to spend some extra hours in the workshop, but IMO it is better to set ambitious goals, something that will keep us motivated .

Last, but surely not least you may be courious at what stage we are. Huge chunk of the models have  been sculpted, with basic units at various stages of manufacturing. Some of the more exotic and larger pieces (thus more expensive to prototype) are waiting for campaign outcome. So while I'm nervous I think we're in good shape, ready to pull it off :) .
Exciting times!

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