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The countdown has begun - last days of the campaign have started. What a ride - this Kickstarter turned out to be so much more than we expected. The reception is great and all the stretch goals have unlocked - simply awesome!

So we were more than happy to throw some exclusives to the mix. Zuzanna Lapies is working on a concepts for gen. Smacton with his trusty pet. Sooooo characterful - Konrad seems to be really into starting sculpting this fella.

The 2nd exclusive is sneaky gobbo for which concept has been graciously provided by Kerim.

Gen. Smacton will be added to leader lvl pledges and higher, sneaky gobbo to officer lvl and higher.

Which reminds me - as some of you asked for a last minute PayPal option we've looked into it and worked out a solution. We've added pledges as products to our webstore so if you are all for PayPal you can back the campaign this way. You can find them here:

This section will be disabled day after KS ends.

Getting back to the things that are in the works - if you wondered what look we're going for when it comes to airborne here's Glen's sketch:

We've also decided to make his initial gargantuan exosuit sketch into a hero you could get with regular bullet points. Behold Leviathan suit:

But you may look for a real "meat" and would like to see some actual models, wouldn't you ;) ?  Konrad and Kuba are up to their necks in work making our studio PCs run hot. Konrad almost finished sculpting unnamed hero:

Kuba finished working on gubbinz bot and started modeling the airplane.

And if you missed one of the campaign updates the good news is that basic units are already in production:

The casts turned out great - both metal and resin parts on initial run are flawless. Seems to extra time we've spent tweaking the designs, reducing undercut and making sure everything works paid off :) .

The things are going on nicely and I can't wait to see all of those in production. Even more can't wait what will the backers do with those models as soon as the packages start to reach them :) .

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