Summer, summer...

Posted by in on August 08, 2014 . .

Summer is in full swing out here - super hot and lovely weather :) . But even though part of the team makes use of their holidays , the work in the workshop is as usual at full pace. In fact most of us work more than usual - to make for the lucky fellas that have their breaks ;) .

Pace of new releases has calmed a tad (but only for now - Green Alliance is coming! - and we can get to working on regular ranges) , but this does not mean it stopped. In fact we had some cool additions recently.

First of all - Andromech. It was something that has been sketched out by Tadzio Piccirillo aka FreakForge and waited for a good opportunity to get done. And we've came across one - great warm up for Kuba, so he could have a go at sculpting robots :) .

Konrad on the other side of the room has been working on a wicked, demonic-like hussar wings. This was something a fellow store owner brought up as something he wanted to add to his minis. The ideas for other uses quickly began sparkling ( apart from hussars - sci-fi elves, dark elves, winged ghouls, aliens) and we couldn't wait to try them on.

Last , but not least we had something for WW2 fans - sten gun, made by Majster:

I wouldn't be me if I resisted one more notable mention - it looks that we're past all the preparations for The Green Alliance campaign :D . Expect news on it soon - and I really mean soon :D .

Tags: new releases Last update: August 08, 2014
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