Steel and Ice

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Northern lands are inhabited by a race of ferocious barbarians known for their legendary and half mystical craftsmanship. Fur-clad warriors and berserkers o who unleash their devastating fury whenever possible. Warlike and cruel, fanatically devoted to their ancient gods, these men are also a baneful scourge of their foes. The brutality of their raids is legendary for they are, without exception, great warriors, blessed with incredible strength at arms.

Their land is savage and brutal, all the time plagued by lethal winters. In such circumstances they forge their legendary weapons, using steel, ice and ancient, long forgotten magic rituals. Barbaric blacksmiths work night and day for many months to create this amazing armament, sometimes paying it off with a life-time debt to their crude and unforgiving gods.

It is a grim, shadowy land they live in, where the weak do not live long, and where living means a constant fight for survival, supremacy, and the chance to live another day.

This set contains 10 melee weapons designed to fit 28mm "heroic" miniatures (especially suited for orc models). Supplied unpainted.

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