Some bloody kittens... oh, and a contest.

Posted by in on October 22, 2013 . .

All you have to do to win a €50.00 gift certificate to use at our webstore, is Facebook Like both Blood of Kittens and Maxmini and then give a thumbs up or comment to the link for this post. The key here is you must like both Facebook pages and the contest update from each Facebook page to qualify. If you already both Maxmini and Blood of Kittens fans then just thumbs up both updates and be entered to win! Extra points will be given to any comments with pictures or ideas for using Maxmini products.
The contest will run only for a week and then a week after that we will announce a winner!
Have fun guys and gals and remember the gift card is useable worldwide.
Here is the link to the Blood Of Kittens blog with the details and few words about us

Tags: announcement Last update: October 22, 2013
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