Sniper Rifles MK2 released

Posted by in on October 20, 2017 . .

Hi there!

Did you miss us? Well, we missed you too! That's why today we'll introduce you to our new firend.

Here's our brand new Sniper Rifle mk. II - a powerful weapon best used to attack distant enemies and small, lightly armoured targets. Deadly accurate at both short and long distances, this gun's powerful shots are fired with lethal precision and are usually undetectiblle to most enemy forces. All thanks to the red-dot laser scope and a hi-tech silencer. It's powerfull armour piercing rounds are capable of penetrating even the most advanced bulletproof vests, as well as all types of carbon and flak armours.

And they come in the sets of six! Yaay! :D

Designed by Konrad Dobrzynski.

Tags: new release Last update: November 20, 2017

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