Skullbots are out.

Posted by in on April 20, 2018 . .

Crafted from the skulls of loyal servants and pious followers of the Empire, with an addition of highly advanced robotic components, skullbots fulfill many important tasks and are an indispensable part of every Inquisitor's retinue.

There are many differents variants, depending on their role on the battlefield. They may serve as scribes, reconnaissance scout drones, lightly armed bodyguards or interrogation devices. 

To own a skullbot is a great honour and privilege. Pretty often they are mentally linked to the Inquisitor through psychic or cybernetic means, allowing him to control them and see and hear through their electronic senses.

This set contains five different skullbot miniatures, crafted in a high quality resin.

Designed and sculpted by Przemek Jeske (but some of the ideas were mine /Aleks, ... which Aleks regretted at times :P / Przemek).

Tags: new release Last update: April 20, 2018

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