Shriek from the abyss

Posted by in on March 10, 2017 . .

Another day, another shoulder pad ;) This time we have something a little more evil and twisted: Screaming Heretic Shoulder Pads!

A devilish piece of armour for those less fortunate space knights, who decided to fight along with "the other side". A little bit crazed, worshipping dark gods and fanaticaly devoted to their unholy crusade - that's heretic space knights! Their armours are as twisted and bizarre as their owners, and our new shoulder pads show this relationship perfectly.

Insane demon shrieking from the abyss? Or is it the owners lunatic soul screaming for mercy? We may only guess what hides behind this cursed face.

Well, we hope You'll enjoy them :)

Pads sculpted by Pawel Kazube Laskowski.

Tags: new release Last update: March 10, 2017
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