Runic Aura

Posted by in on July 26, 2019 . .
Shields of the Northern Tribes are favoured by many warriors for the exceptional protection they offer in various situations, such as close quarter melee combat, boarding actions and siege attacks, making them a perfect compromise between defence and flexibility.

Crafted from the finest iron, wood and leathers, these shields glowing mysteriously with the power of runes, carefuly crafted by the ancient blacksmiths in their forges, hidden in the frosty mountains. Very often adorned with wild animals bones and claws, various amulets and trinkets, it's believed that these shields hold magical powers and grant eternal protection for the warriors carrying them.

There are no two similar shields, for each one of them is crafted individualy and each rune tells a different story. To wield such an armament is a great privilege and honor, for only the bravest and most cunning warriors are granted such an unique prize.
Kit contains 10 shields designed to fit 28mm "heroic" miniatures.
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