Renegade Bikers on the ride!

Posted by in on August 14, 2013 . .

Since the release of the Badass Orc Biker bad biker theme proved popular in the workshop. It was so enticing we couldn't stop there (especially after watching - again - whole MadMax trilogy :D). First Kazube put his vast Zbrush skills into use and worked on Orc Bikers Heads set.

When I saw them I talked with Robert about making some suitable bodies - which he started sculpting with his typical enthusiasm (he's a cheerful fella, you know ;) ). After 2 weeks we had some first FIMO models.

When those were baked it was Mati's time to work on the moulds. With the help of our casters he did resin models first and then placed those into regular, black rubber, spincast moulds. As the design was rather well thought and the minis have been split into parts in advance moulding those was a breeze :) .

Chris grasped first copies and started slapping paint (as he'll propably report later on ). Judging from the results those were a joy to work on.

As you may have guessed those orcs fit our bike nicely:

Is this the end of this theme inside our workshop? I have a feeling it is not :D . Kuba seems to enjoy working on tech designs for such setting, while Robert seems eager to do some more crazy green skinned fellas.

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