Painting Mean and Green

Posted by in on September 04, 2013 . .

I've seen in front of me how the work on this little killer is going on and I couldn't wait to get him in my hands! When I finally got him I began just like with Orc bikers - with black and white priming. Now he was ready for the fun. I've started with clothes - mostly black, so only subtle greys were used as highlights. Next were body parts. Not much work ;) - I've used same colour scheme as for the Orcs - olive greens as a base, dark green for darker tones and cool bone tone for highlights. Half of the miniature was done quite fast but the most tricky part were to come - weapons. They are very detailed and I've painted them in 'Non Metallic Metal' so they've taken the most of time on this miniature. Most of the metal parts are steel but I've also added some bronze and cooper parts - it suppose to be a motley gun after all. For the end I left flavours - 'ACME' rocket, stripes, face and Badass Bandana! No other colour than red of course ;) .

Some quick and simple basing for the end, not to cover this little miniature too much and .. TADA! Sylvester is ready for combat.

Tags: painting Last update: September 12, 2013

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