Orkenstein's monster

Posted by in on October 31, 2017 . .

Happy haunting everyone!

Same as last year, we've decided to come up with something special for Halloween - a miniature that you can put on your shelve as well as on the gaming table. Well, after throwing a couple of ideas and having a few brawls, we've came up with an idea!

Say hello to our Orkenstein's Monster! This dude is quite a bulky fella, with his very own life supporting power plant on the back. You might also notice, that he comes with a really stylish outfit (toe coming out through a shoe is a thing this year!) and an evil-grin pumpkin to complete the look.
Orkenstein's Monster might not be the most bright or handsome lad you ever saw, but he surely is... quite special. Definitely.

Be quick to grab yours Orkenstein's Monster - this miniature will be available for 2 weeks only.

Happy Haloween folks! 

Tags: release, halloween special Last update: November 20, 2017

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