Orc Boomers

Posted by in on January 22, 2018 . .

'Ere we go again ladz!!!

After a well received set of orc slashers, we return with something a bit more dakka :) 

Here are our new and extremely shooty ORC PISTOLS! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKAAAA!!!

Hack and slash is nice, but it's good to have a solid firearm in your hand as well. That kind of weapon should be noisy, shooty and as unpredictible as it's owner. In this set of 10 finely detailed, resin guns you'll find everything you need: from a classic western pistol to a modern semi-automatic machine handgun that bursts dakka like crazy.

Are they reliable? Why of course they are... most of the time. Almost no jams and misfires here! These firearms truely have a huge stopping power. Don't even have to mention about their solid construction - they were made to be used by the mightiest race in the universe, unlike the fragile and unwieldy humie weapons.

Grab 'em NOOOOOW!!!

Tags: new release Last update: January 22, 2018

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