Offroad DAKKA!

Posted by in on June 19, 2019 . .

Now these lads just LOVE a good 'ol fast and bumpy ride! With the engine roaring and some (arguably) reliable dakka on board, covered in dust, fumes and gunpowder, there's nothing more a decent orc can wish for.

There is something special about the roar of overcharched engine that makes greenskins overly excited and fulfills their wicked need for speed. Some orcs simply love to feel the wind whipping their grinning faces, as much as they love to hear guns blazing and the overwhelming battle thunder.

If you can relate to that kind of orc weirdos (we know you do!) then this set of wheels is for YOU! Simply grab it and make some DAKKA!!!

Tags: new release Last update: June 19, 2019
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