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Posted by in on August 29, 2013 . .

It's been almost a month since we've launched new website. So far so good - the core of the system works nicely. It's around time to sum up your suggestions and mark some things we should do.

First of all I'm happy to see that new layout is welcomed by most of the people. James suggested that product navbar on the homepage should be moved to the top. I think that may be a good idea as it would result in a more unified look throughout the page. Will see how it turns out.

Arkham America started discussion about changing behaviour in the list view, so you could get quicker preview of the products. We had a chat about it and in the end we've settled on the idea that it would be cool to have a larger image pop-up , with add to cart button, when you click image thumbnail. It won't be implemented soon as some more tricky tweaks are needed for it to work correctly, but we will definitely try it out.

Disqus has been added to the blog/articles section and boy, I'm so happy we did it. It works so nicely! But I've noticed there's a small there. Links to other articles under the posts do not work correctly - you'll notice that a strange ":amp" in the links where there should be "&". Not delving into details it seems that those signs are being transformed into thing called html entity. I've checked whether the links that are being sent from us are correct and they are. I've contacted Disqus support and they suggested possible cause. It is not critical but I have an idea how we could fix it (or rather get round it :D ) .

PayPal Express proved to be a popular choice when it comes to checkout. Hardly surprising as it saves you a lot of time by taking all the shipping details from PayPal so you don't have to type it :) . But this method makes it tricky to work with discounts and promos. That's the reason I've disabled it during "new site promo". I'm trying to figure it out with one of the developers and hopefully it will be viable payment method in all the cases.

When it comes to checkout - I'm thinking about making the full checkout (non-paypal express) a tad quicker. There are a couple of ready mods that can do it - I'll check how they work with our site template.

I've noticed that in couple of situations you may see some blank "spots" in the list view. We'll fine tune css styling so they won't apear again.

Another small improvement when it comes to category view I'd like to do is to display subcategories in a tile/icon style. I'm a "visual" kind of person so I think it will work better. Also I think that displaying all the products from subcategories in the main category would be nice, don't you think?

Being "visual" also means I'd like to add those funky Pinterest buttons ;). Heck, browsing their site has taken me quite a time yesterday :D .

I'm excited about blog/article system - it's doing its job so nicely. I've already invited some authors and I also work on some tuts/reviews by myself. But what kind of articles would you like to see?

Drop me a line if you have some other ideas/suggestions. Thx for helping us in making this a better site :) .

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