New blisters

Posted by in on November 04, 2013 . .

Those that bought our models in a local store propably seen our blisters... And well... let's be honest - they are not among the prettiest ones. I know that it is not packaging that's important, but contents - but on the other hand I've felt for a long time that with so much work that went into design and making of our items it would be great to have a packaging that's worthy :) .

It has taken a while, but with a help of our friend 'Lycan' we finally got those - and boy, the improvement is so clearly visible :) :

They are also color coded , so for example heads bits have orange strip on top while torsos and backpacks have yellow. This should help locating the desired item :) .

Next week we will be sending first batches with new blisters to our distributors - hopefully they'll reach stores near you soon :).

Tags: announcement Last update: November 05, 2013
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