Neoreich Troopers released

Posted by in on September 14, 2015 . .

This week new squad hits the store - Neoreich Troopers. Those are the ones we've teased a while back on Twitter feed, when we've shown Chris's desk.

The set contains enough parts to assemble a full 10 man unit. Parts are interchangable so it's easy to build various combinations. Those are mostly cast in metal, with the exception of heads, which are cast in handy-dandy resin we're known for.

And here's a close up of the 2 models - just in case you'd like to make sure those are what you're looking for :) .

If you haven't noticed - again we have early adopters promo. So if you wish to save some cash grab those this week :) .

Tags: new releases Last update: September 14, 2015

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