Motley crew

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Cagey, cunning, tricksy and quite odd - these are probably the best words to describe these wicked, masked individuals. Some of them use their tribal or fungi magics to barter for tribal influence, while others work their way into a top position by either plotting against the Warboss or by good ol' assasination. Any greenskin that opposes their will is to suffer nasty rashes, mysterious spider infestation, or simply gets stabbed in the back.

While being way more subtle than their larger greenskinned kin, these gobbos are no less effective and definitely waaaay more annoying.

They also believe that their weird masks and hats make them somewhat superior compared to their fellow tribe mates, and they are quite determined to prove it to anyone who dares to say they're wrong. Needles to say, they do have necessary means to prove their point!

The kit contains 10 head swaps (5 variants) cast in high quality resin.

Tags: new release Last update: April 26, 2019

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