Mean green gobbo machine...

Posted by in on February 07, 2017 . .

They're green, they're mean and they're even quite brave when they ride along together. Engines are (barely) roaring when these dudes cruise down the streets, accompanied by bursts of maniacal laughter.
We're talking of course about our new Goblin Bikers gang, these boys can be nasty sometimes.

How did they get here? Well, the idea was easy: let's make a goblin gang with a lot of cliché, biker stereotypes. So we've got two classic chopper bikes (you can swap the forks if you like), one enduro-style bike, different head swaps with pickelhaube helmet, mohawk hair and a variety of glasses, a set of close combat weapons (katana, baseball bat and a gas pipe) and three different pistols. Armed to the teeth, aren't they?

Goblins sculpted by Robert Kurek, bikes and accessories by Jakub Janiak.

Last update: February 07, 2017

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