Madman and lunatics

Posted by in on October 12, 2018 . .

What is the greatest challenge in the godforsaken, lifeless wasteland? Not to go insane!

Imagine living in a desolated world, where every form of life is hostile and dangerous, every person you encounter wants to rob or/and kill you and your parents abandoned you shortly after you were born. Sounds pretty rough, doesn't it?

People who were born in such circumstances, quickly learn how to take care of themselves and are pretty much destined to become outcasts. They are almost always the worst rascals, very often shunned and hunted down to be killed.

As a result, these people pretty often loose their minds, become violent and unpredictable, not suitable to live among  "regular" folks. As a result, they end up being mercenaries, bodyguards for crime-bosses and other kinds of guns for hire, as dangerous as a ticking time bomb, ready to explode every second to deal maximum amount of damage.

Concept sketch and sculpts by Justyna. Bits cast in high quality resin and available in packs of 10.

Tags: new release Last update: October 12, 2018
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