Law enforcement

Posted by in on October 07, 2019 . .

Sometimes the only way to keep law and order is to use brutal force. Swift and sure, but not always just.

People who carry out this function are extremely well trained and are about to use any means necessary to fulfill their duty. They constantly root out rebels, heretics and pretty much any sort of threat to the stability of their city.
They operate as they best see fit, using urban military tactics, but also strongly relying on their superior weaponry and firepower. These military enforcers have little pity or compassion for the citizens. Years of dealing with the scum of the galaxy has made many of them cynical and bitter, so they won't hesitate for a second to punish and kill those who deserve it.

This kit contains 5 torsos, 4 shield arms, 4 power maul arms, 1 arm with automatic rifle, 1 support arm.

Tags: new release Last update: October 07, 2019
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