Jungel Ghosts

Posted by in on August 11, 2019 . .

This week something for those wanting to make their own set of battle hardened jungle fighters - a set of torsos (with separate arms) as usual cast in our high quality resin.

These guys are TOUGH! Jungle soldiers are exceptional fighters, considered to be extremely resourceful and uncompromising on the battlefield. Being deadly melee fighters, they cut with their giant knives with great precision and agility. In jungle terrain they're pretty much unbeatable and unsurpassed by any other mortal soldier, but they can also quickly adapt to any other war zone. They do that without complains, with great determination and valor.

The reason of all their skills and attitude is their jungle homeworld, where almost every piece of flora and fauna is either poisonous or carnivourous, or simply tries to kill you for no reason at all. Being born and raised in such lethal enviorment results in a population of harsh and tough men, with a variety of skills ideal to create an almost perfect soldier.

Tags: new release Last update: August 11, 2019
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