Iron will

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Hailing from the distant world of eternal darkness, these elite soldiers are well known throughout the galaxy for being a die hard guardsmen that never back down and are always prepared to die to the last man if necessary.

Every soldier in this unit was once a member of their home planet's military police force, and has spent years ducking, crawling and fighting gangers in narrow corridors and industrial facilities of overcrowded hive cities. Once hardened in such urban warfare, only the toughest members gain an unquestionable honour of wearing a military uniform, and joining planets elite forces.

Highly disciplined and iron-willed, these soldiers form perfect ranks and firing lines. They will not break it under any conditions, showing unquestionable attitude and lack of fear, despite the chaos and monstrosities of war surroinding them.

The kit contains 5 torsos with separate arms cast in high quality resin.

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