Horns up!

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Gharrak the Bone Gnawer - without a doubt one of the strongest and most brutish leaders of beast tribes. Large, hairy and musclebound beast, expert in close combat battle, he leads his herd from the front, whenever a battle is at hand. Crowned with a sets of worn yet still deadly horns, still sharp and hard as any blade. His body is robust and bulky, all covered with scar tissue and plague infested cysts.

Revelling with pure violence and brutality, this tyrant is mighty enough to command both loyalty and obedience among his vicious horde. No other horned beast dare to cross him, for such insolence will be immediately punished by a swift and painful death.

His supremacy is undeniable, such is Gharrak's authority and vicious reputation. He seems to find sheer pleasure in obliterating warriors of lesser races, and taking their leaders heads as trophies - a blood soaked proof of his supremacy over the so called civilised races.

Cast in high quality resin. Can be assmbled with two handed axe or with 2 single handed ones. Concepts and sculpting by Justyna Bien.

Tags: new release Last update: October 26, 2018

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