Honk Honk!

Posted by in on November 08, 2018 . .

What's better than an open-topped looted wagon full of orcs, charging full speed ahead? Nothing.
This vehicle is DA THING! Definitely not an ordinary trukk, orc M3 halftrack has got it all: armor plates, nitro afterburners, big shoota, extra fuel cans, enhanced chassis, bulletproof tires, anti-humie bumper, ammo crates, and enough space to take a roaring horde made of green flesh, metal and bad attitude.

Every self-respecting warboss should have at least one of these! Make it two or three, splash some red paint on it and you know what will happen - engine-roaring mass of metal will literally outrun every miserable enemy vehicle, and lead the raging horde to a certain victory. WAAAGH!!!!

Tags: new release Last update: November 08, 2018
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